Expert view on content marketing – what’s there to gain

The findability of your service can be further enhanced by advanced Content Marketing. It means writing articles or blogging about everything tied to your line of business. Of course, the content of your website or the blog connected with your website has to be optimised for search engines as well. What’s in it for you?

Content is king

Content is what drives the traffic and the conversion, it’s a simple as that. People are looking for a quality content on the Internet, that’s a fact. By writing unique, interesting content which gives people the answers to their questions, you gain a dedicated number readers – and as these readers get to like you, they can soon turn into customers.

An additional asset of having quality content on your website is that the more SEO content, the better the reaction of the search engines towards your website.


Blogging is by far the easiest and most effective way of drawing the attention of the Internet users towards your service. It cuts the contact, lets you go personal and intimate with your customers and their problems, and most importantly, it gives you a great opportunity to help them with things they need help with. Properly run, written and optimised blog can drive your conversion rate like no other Content Marketing tool.

Writing a blog is also very SEO-friendly, as it allows for a plethora of language styles to be used. Even if your main website is formal and to the point, your blog can be treated in a lighter manner – here, you can adjust the language to your target audience, to get a better connection with it. Also using key phrases and keywords in blog articles can be surprisingly convenient, because each article can focus entirely on one issue, providing more than enough opportunities to use the keywords crucial for your service.

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