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Pay Per Click AdvertisingThe single most powerful and convenient way of digital marketing.


PPC advertisement is a perfect tool for online promotional activities. It gives us the ability to quickly launch a promotional campaign and allow for seamless modification of slogans, key phrases and prices for each click.


With Pay Per Click, you will be advertising yourself exactly to the consumer base you see as the most promising for your line of business. No risk of advertising to all the wrong people, wasting time and money. Only pinpoint accuracy and precision.


PPC does not only each the most promising customers, but it’s also the most cost-effective method of advertising. You only pay when your ad is successful in getting a potential customer to click on it. This means no wasted money on unsuccessful ads!

Google AdWordsThe most popular, effective yet subtle tool for Pay Per Click advertising.


Your ads will be positioned among or below the organic results of the searches for your keywords. Therefore, the advertising will be discreet and come across as a natural answer to the inquiries of the Google search engine users.


About 85% of Australians are using the internet, with 88% of Australians surfing it primarily for using the search engines. This means Google AdWords is the most powerful advertising tool, able to reach just about anyone.


Google AdWords is a sophisticated, smart tool, able to analyse the preferences of the search engine’s users. This means your ads will be directed not only at people who search for the keywords of your choosing but also through behavioural targeting.

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Facebook AdvertisingUse Facebook pay per click advertising and engage your target market with your brand.

Driving traffic to your social media channels can work wonders for your business. Today, there is no better way of getting your target market to come and visit you, even if virtually, than by the means of social media. Facebook advertising will focus on your target market, by analysing the information they’ve filled out in their individual profiles. Therefore, you will never be advertising to anyone else than the most promising potential customers out there.

i2Biz will gladly assist you with your PPC campaign!Our professional team of digital marketing specialists will gladly perform a PPC campaign for you. Simply contact us and tell us your budget for the ads. After that, we will identify the most valuable and prospective keywords for your business, and create proper, custom-tailored ads for your campaign.

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