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IT Services

i2Biz will gladly help you optimise the workflow in your company by providing complete IT support. We offer a wide range of services, from IT consulting to on-site implementation and VoIP assistance.

IT consulting

i2Biz IT specialists are always eager to help our clients with anything that concerns IT solutions. What makes us stand apart from the rest of IT consulting companies is that in addition to knowledge and experience, our IT experts are also passionate about what they do. Our Local Helpdesk is available 24/7, waiting to assist you with anything that’s troubling you.

IT solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

i2Biz is delivering professional IT services for small and medium business across Melbourne. We know that every problem in the company’s IT infrastructure generates losses and obstructs the correct workflow, and that’s why we focus on proactive maintenance instead of just fixing the already existing breakdowns. From on-site implementations to cloud technologies, setting up servers and configuring computers, back-up systems and telecommunication solutions, all of our services share cost-efficiency and effectiveness.

Business Support

We put much effort into streamlining the workflow in your company, to improve your IT experience. With our help, you can eliminate the most common problems and frustrations caused by malfunctioning technology in your working environment. We offer complete support for small and medium business, whether you need an advice or on-site implementation.

Cloud Services

Looking for new ways of increasing the efficiency of your company’s infrastructure? We’re ready to offer you Cloud Services – a solution that will make your job easier, more efficient and above all else, most cost-effective. With Cloud Services, you won’t have to invest serious funds in software licenses, training of new employees or new infrastructure.

VoIP A VoIP phone system lets you improve the workflow in your business while making work more pleasurable and easier to handle for you. Moving from the traditional phone infrastructure to VoIP solutions carries multiple benefits for your company.

Cost-effective and efficient

No need to invest in an on-site PBX – internet connection and a phone are all you need.

Communication from Anywhere

An intuitive, web-based control panel lets you manage your communication from anywhere in the world.

Innovative business features

International call forwarding, IVR, advanced call routing and more.

Unsure? Contact our Local Helpdesk!i2Biz is always eager to help you. If you'd like to know more about the IT solutions we offer, don't hesitate to contact us. We offer end-to-end service for small and medium businesses, all the way from the free consultation stage to on-site implementation. All this in order to maximise your profits and convenience, and minimise the frustration and costs.

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