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Web DesignMake yourself noticeable on the Internet. A professional website is your virtual business card.

Custom Design

Don’t be like everybody else. Stand out from the crowd with a custom design that matches your brand.

Mobile Friendly

Over 50% of Internet users come from mobile devices. Don’t let yourself lose out on a huge consumer base.

User-friendly layout

i2Biz knows how to comfort your customers with user-friendly layout, that makes the website readable and easy to navigate.

Digital MarketingIncrease your sales through online marketing. Don't let yourself stay behind your competition.

Gain instant visibility

Through the tools of online marketing, we’re able to narrow down exactly the kind of target audience that’s perfect for your line of business. We can specify the age, preferences, hobbies and other factors of internet users, and advertise your company exactly where it should be advertised.

Social Media marketing

Discover the marketing potential that lies in Social Media. Facebook, Instagram or Google+, they all create great opportunities for your business, which I2Biz can use to your advantage. We can narrow down your target audience, advertise your company and then implement a PPC campaign to gain the upper hand over your competition!

PPC and Google AdWords

We offer complete assistance with PPC campaigns. With a properly planned and implemented online campaign, you’ll be the first one to show up when your potential customers search for a product you offer!

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SEO Audits

Many of our customers aren’t sure if they need a SEM + SEO help. Our professional workers will gladly carry an SEO audit for you, to check if your website has any shortcomings in the field od SEO. If you would like to know the reason for your site not showing up on the first page of Google, contact us! We also provide IT support Oakleigh

App Development

Need a specific, custom-designed app for your company? Looking for something to make the workflow in your company better, or maybe got a good idea for a promising app, and need someone to realise it? Our programmists are eager to help!

  • Custom applications
  • Innovative solutions
  • User-friendly layout

IT Support & Maintenancei2Biz is ready to provide complex IT support for your company.

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IT support for your company.

IT support

Complete assistance in regards to all IT problems that might be bothering you.

Phone Systems

Affordable vault solutions for small and medium businesses.

Local Helpdesk

Designated 24/7 helpdesk, eager to help you with any issue!

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