Put an end to dangerous spam with our unlimited* mailboxes spam filtering solutions!

ONLY from $49.95 inc. GST

*per domain, per server

Impeccable Spam Filtering

Blocks up to 98% of spam before it reaches your domain, ensuring the safety and security of your system and hardware.

Unlimited Email Addresses

Our spam filtering solutions can be used on an unlimited* amount of email addresses.
*per domain

Easy Email Recovery

Quarantine of suspicion emails ensures easy email recovery if needed.

How Does It Work?Learn more about our spam-filtering solutions

Adaptive Filters

Our filters evolve as new spam techniques appear. Their adaptive character guarantees constant, reliable protection.

Auto-spam Detection

All the emails coming to the server will be scanned, which allows us to stop the spam from ever reaching your inbox.

Virus Detection

Spam emails often contain viruses. With our spam prevention, neither spam nor viruses make it to your inbox!

Email Quarantine

Our spam blocking software will move all suspected files into a temporary folder, which gives you some time to recover them!

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Unsure if your system and hardware are free of malware, viruses and other threats? Order a security audit and let us check, clean and repair your system!

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